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Water Damage Cabinet

If you have some type of water event in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s very likely that your cabinets will get wet. Particle board cabinets are especially prone to water damage, but solid wood cabinets can also be damaged by water. Fixing water damage to cabinets begins with removing as much water as possible and drying out wet cabinets quickly. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be necessary to refinish or replace water damaged kitchen cabinets.

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Causes of Water Damage Cabinet

Usually the water damage cabinet is located within close proximity of the water lines and drain pipes, your kitchen and bathroom is the most common rooms for water damage. When it comes to water damaged kitchen cabinets, a leak from any one of those water lines can cause significant damage. Some of the most common causes of kitchen cabinet water damage include:

Leaky pipes under the sink
Dishwasher floods
Water supply line issues
Faucet leaks or malfunctions
Broken or leaking refrigerator water lines
Clogged and overflowing sinks

In order to prevent water damage in your kitchen, you should check for signs of water damage regularly. Inspect under sink cabinets for signs of leaks and make repairs if necessary. Check dishwasher and refrigerator supply lines at least once per year. Avoid using plastic water lines when installing a supply line to your refrigerator or ice maker.

The user also must practise due diligent in ensuring that the area is dry after using it and get the sealant replaced once it show sign of deterioration. Afterall, most of the damage occurs due to the negligence and poor maintenance of the user as per the picture on the left.

Common Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Particle Board
Particle board is a composite material made of wood, resin, and glue. These compressed wood-like boards are then coated in some type of veneer to make them look more like real wood.

Water will weaken the glue used to hold the particle board together. This can cause the boards to swell, which warps the veneer. With enough water and time, particle board cabinets will crumble and fall apart.

Solid Wood
Although less common, some kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood. Hardwood cabinets are more resistant to water damage than those made of particle board, but enough water or time will allow water to penetrate the wood. While they will eventually dry, wet hardwood cabinets are likely to swell and warp.

Veneer/Laminated Plywood
Applying a veneer over an existing cabinet is often a cost-effective way of updating a kitchen. Whether the cabinet base is made out of particle board or some other material, a veneer is applied on top of the existing kitchen cabinets using glue.

Mold in Kitchen Cabinet 

Mold needs a source of moisture and some type of cellulose material to thrive. Wet kitchen cabinets are a perfect environment for mold. It’s likely that mold in cabinets will remain as long as there is a source of water.

In addition, mold may grow under wet cabinets or even behind them if the water remains stagnant for a few days. To ensure mold does not grow on or under cabinets, it’s important to begin drying wet cabinets as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, mold under sink cabinets is extremely common. Even after a thorough cleaning, mold may return if there is a small leak or drip in the future. Remember to check for mold under sink cabinets regularly, especially if you’ve had water damage before.

So what Can you do?

The first option is to have natural ventilation. This is when air enters your home through windows, doors, and even opening in the walls.

A second alternative is to create airflow. This is when you use exhaust fans or other forms of pushing air in or out of your house in certain spots. Typically, people has an exhaust fan over the stove or in the bathroom.

The third and more sophisticated alternative is installing air ducts around your whole home to provide airflow throughout.

So, how can We help you?

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