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Wire Storage Baskets for Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 25, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Customizing the kitchen cabinet is still not feasible if only use cabinets to satisfied storage. For better-classified storage and convenience in use, various functional components matched with the cabinet must be understood, otherwise, the kitchen soon will be in mess.

Benefits Of Mutipurpose Kitchen Cabinet Pull-out Basket


What are the storage accessories that match the cabinet?  The countertop is generally provided with a shelf and hooks for storing seasonings, knives, pots, spoons, etc.  The base cabinet has baskets to sort and store dishes, bottles, jars and other items in the kitchen. The advantage of this is to make the kitchen items more organized.

Today, We are mainly talking about the cabinet basket.

Cabinet basket is the best way to expand the use efficiency of cabinets. Kitchen utensils and tableware can be placed separately in the net rack, which is convenient and neat.  Therefore, the design of basket pulling should not be underestimated. Although a small cabinet basket pulling has various styles, the following are several common basket pulling design forms.

1. Corner Basket

PEKA Magic Corner Stanadrd(right)

The basket design at the corner can easily solve the awkward position problem at the corner of the cabinet, make full use of the space, reasonably partition small objects of various sizes, and the removable design is especially convenient to use.

2. Vertical Long Narrow Basket


Its long and narrow storage space is very suitable for storing filled or bottle-shaped articles. The three-layer drawer with narrow side faces makes use of the corner space of the cabinet to store small bottles, jars, small utensils, etc. in the kitchen.


3.Flying Saucer Basket

This kind of pull basket can be used at the corner of L-shaped cabinet. When the cabinet door is opened, the pull basket with butterfly wings will spin out. The anti-skid function of the tray and the design of the guardrail will prevent articles from rolling down and can be safely taken and placed.

4. Linkage Basket

PEKA Kitchen Tower W600

When the cabinet door is opened, the linkage system pulls the rack out synchronously. The items in the basket are clearly displayed in front of the eyes. It is also convenient to store the items and has a strong storage function.


5. Multi-layer Separation, High Damping Basket

The high box has super-strong storage function, which not only makes food classification clear, but also can easily adjust the height of the basket body to facilitate the placement of items of different sizes.

Elevator Type Basket

6. “Elevator Type” Basket

In the hanging cabinet, it is not very convenient to take some things because the items are placed too high.  “Lift-type” basket pulling solves this problem.



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